Global boycott on the media-industries, week 2.

The following pressrelease has been send to about 100 newspapers around the world.

Pressrelease from the founders of the global 3-week boycott of the media-industries: Michael Gajditza, Niklas Starow and Jens Odsvall

A thing that started as an idea last friday is already bigger than most other boycotts.
Just 3-4 years ago, a boycott took months to plann and years to implement.
Now its just a matter of weeks, and in this case only a matter of days.

Im proud of what we all have managed to accomplice this far, but its a long way to go.

As stated by the founder Michael Gajditza - Svensk Myndighetskontroll.

"It's about time we consumers show these Hollywood clowns and their attorneys what consumer power is all about.

The way I see it, we have a chance to send a powerful message to the industry if all file sharers can agree to not buy any records, films or games for three weeks.
(This event is for all to join, not just file-sharers /my comment)

There would be two effects.
First, a reduction in sales, but above all, it would send a message to the industry that we file sharers actually do buy the stuff we download to test out or sample prior to purchase.

The problem is getting the message out to the public at large, so if you read this and think it's a good idea, spread it on blogs and to friends to make this a truly global boycott.

If enough people join this, within and outside this Facebook event, we can make a difference.

The boycott starts February 9th, 2009 and ends March 1st, 2009

The items on the boycott-list are:

* No purchases of CD's.

* No purchases of films.

* No purchases of computer games.

* No visits to movie theaters.

* No movie rentals.

The boycott starts February 9th, 2009 and ends March 1st, 2009

Margareth Osju has made this to support the boycott:

Here are the bloggers that support this event so far and their latest inputs on the subject.

Svensk Myndighetskontroll (founder), Scaber Nestor, Jens Odsvall, Farmor Gun i Norrtälje, Sidvind, Olofs Blogg, Mina Moderata Karameller, Calandrella, Argast Nu, Satmaran, Thomas Hartman, Scratches and Dust, Zac's åsikter, XORbot, Ett otygs funderingar och betraktelser, Anna Troberg, Henrik Alexandersson, Jörgen Boström, Lars-Erick's Blogg, Updiggers, Alla dessa åsikter, Anders Widén, Erik Hultin, El Rubio, Anohito, Sanna: Mina ord, A.Mikael Eriksson, Bitches, Bruises, Booze & Blackouts., Christian Engström (pp, Törnebohms Hotspot., Kattkorgen, Sagor från livbåten, Tango för enbenta, Sultans Blogg, Kulturbloggen, Margareth Osju, Eyesx, Mikeees Songs, Hampus Algotsson, Hellre upplyst än nedsläckt , Out Off Line, Silvertörne, Nuttes Funderingar, Promenader och Utflykter, Udda Bitar, Ninablogg, Tempus Fugit, Annarkia, Elftown, Zebrastyle, Tankefel och Dylikt, Isak Gerson, Jan Sjöholm, Hjalmar den Onde, Andreas Viklund, Arvid Österlund, JMB, Pastor Bentonit, Dexion, a system apart, Aspiebloggen, G-Svampen,

Michael Gajditza - Legislative Case Consultant (LCC)
Svensk Myndighetskontroll

Niklas Starow - Political Coordinator
Scaber Nestor

Jens Odsvall - Department Assistant
Jens Odsvall

Three week Global media-boycott / 3 veckors global köpbojkott mot media-industrin  / drei vochen medien boycottieren / trois semaines de boycott des médias / três semanas de mídia boicote / tres semanas de boicot a los medios de comunicación

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