INDECT är alla tidigare bokstavsförkortningar (FRA, IPRED, ACTA etc) vi varnat för sammanlagt.

Hur kan detta* INTE vara en valfråga? (*tyska översatt till engelska via googletranslate)
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Sen agera.

The controversial EU monitoring INDECT project has created a new confidence-building measure: From now on everything will still secret, what is developed there with EU funds!Reported on the Future Zone: INDECT becomes a secret project.

"What for all who participate in INDECT, it is discouraging that they have to spend a significant amount of their time with explanations, is the project does not go to do research instead," it says in the "Conclusions" to the first report of the Ethics Advisory Board funded by the EU Commission INDECT project. You feel misunderstood, especially by journalists and internet activists "and the latter in the document are in quotation marks (page 9).The biometric upgrade the video surveillance systems with face recognition and the automation of all processes to database storage - a key element of the EU "Research" - serving in the opinion of the Ethics Council, "namely, both the increase in security and the protection of privacy.

Then we have no more to fear ... is here quoted the original document.

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