Oscar Swartz på "Politics Online" top10-nominering, låt oss ge honom en topplacering.

Oscar Swartz är en av 10 nominerade på Politics Online
Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics.

Nomineringen lyder:

Oscar Swartz, Swedish IT entrepreneur, founder of pioneer Internet provider Bahnhof, blogger and libertarian debater, is a well known critic of the "surveillance society", in Sweden. This surveillance society is often called "The Bodstram Society" and "The Ask Society", after the former and present Swedish Ministers of Justice, socialist and conservative respectively, who have championed far-reaching legislation concerning digital surveillance. Together with a number of other bloggers, he managed to form the "blog quake": in June 2008, the resistance against the Lex Orwell, due to pass in parliament quietly during the Euro Soccer Cup and Swedish Midsummer celebrations, managed to spill over into traditional mass media just days before. The government was almost defeated with MPs breaking party lines. In the weeks following the decision, the MPs that passed the law received 6.6 million e-mails from angry citizens, and thousands marched in demonstrations all over the country.

Jag säger grattis till Oscar och önskar lycka till.
Min röst är förresten redan lagd:)

Pingat på intressant.

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Postat av: cnab

Min röst till Oscar också naturligtvis!

2008-08-26 @ 16:35:51
Postat av: AR

Bravo Oscar!

Läs vad Centrum för Rättvisa skriver:

1616725.svd" rel="nofollow">http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/artikel1616725.svd

2008-08-26 @ 18:01:22

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