About 22.00 (swedish time) i got sick of "zombie"WoW and cancelled my subscriptions.

Yup, i have 2 accounts using the Lv70's on the first to boost the toons on the second account.
I thought it would get me faster to Lv 70 than hoping for guildmates to help me out.

And all started well, i took my first toon, a druid named Bullshipper (Got the name from an american steakhouse menue) and started to Lv it up.
Got to 10 fairly fast and then the boosting began, first a few laps i RFC and then directly to WC.
With an Affl Warlock in 50/50 epic/blue-gear boosting isnt a problem so to speak.
Well, things went smoothly until wednesdays patch when suddenly Blizzard obviously had a brainfreeze and called in the zombie-army.
At first i thought it was fun, on thursday it went boring and this weekend has been hell.

I got from 1-20 in 2 days (mon - tue) but since the zombie invasion i only managed to get to Lv25 in 4 days.

I cant reach flightpaths because both the glyphmaster and the healer is dead, i cant use the AH because zombies run into it and blowing themselves up to infect everyone in the room and the questgivers are always dead or guarded by sneaky player-zombies that wait for lowbies to come by just to infect them.

Someone said "Well, go to Silvermoon City, theres not that bad and you can quest there"
First - why should i have to make that choice?
Second - I dont know any of the quests there, if im going to Lv up at a fair speed i use the questareas im familiar with, and i hate grinding.

So, what do i do?

Well, this is what i did.
Last night at roughly 22.00 i had enough of this sh*t, i logged out and cancelled both accounts.
I still have some 2-3 weeks of gametime on them, but im not sure i want to use them.

Im not even sure i want to sponsor Blizzard with monthly fees until im sure that this demented form ov PvP is gone.
I rolled on a PvE-server to avoid ganking, i only do Bg's to get gear, not because its fun (cause it isnt)

Do i know that there are people that enjoy this zombie-crap?
Yep, and by all means, enjoy it to the fullest.
But i dont like being forced into a gameplay i never signed up for.

An argument ive seen is that its Blizzards game and they can do what they want with it, and yes they can.
They can do whatever they want with it, but what they cant expect me to do is pay for the mofo.

And theres a huge difference in "can" and "should".
I know Blizzard Can do whatever they want, but should they?
Is it really worth pissing that many ppl off just to implement 15yo lore, that was functional in a single-player game, into a MMO?

Ok, some ppl claim that WoW is a MMORPG.
MMO i agree with, RPG is optional.
Thats why theres PvE, PvP, RP and RPPvP-servers, so people can choose their style of gaming.
That makes it for me a MMO with optional RPG.

Well, this will be the first and probably the only post im making in this subject.
Have fun and gl.

I have pre-ordered WotLK, but im not sure ill open it up or if i shall keep it as a collectors item.

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