Convicted + a 30.000.000 SKr fine, the pirate bay trial. Google Next?

Just got the news, TPB-boys got convicted.

I guess next trial will be against Google?
Imagine how much money they have earned by linking to copyrightprotected material?

Magnus Andersson (Cuf) wrote on twitter:
"Oddly high sentence for an acessory-crime without any technical evidence, will they get convicted in the next instance aswell?"

My comment:
If you look at this in the long run, this could work in favour for the fight against anti-democratic laws in the EU-parliament.

Because, how will the copyright-industries lay out that the need even harder laws against piracy when they already got one of the highest fines in Swedish court-history?
And that with the old legislation?

Of course the conviction will be appealed.
Of course the sentence was expected.

Now, how can we turn this around?

I can say this much, a collection for fine-money is already getting started, not by me, but check out piratbyrån or the pirate party's webpages for info in the next few hours.
And uf the appeals will go through and the get acquitted, that money can go to legal aid to the ppl who recieve the copyright-industries blackmail-letters.

Rick Falkvinge - the chairman for the Swedish Pirate party has had his computer play a jingle every time the Pirate Party gets a new member.
It hasnt been silent for over an hour now...
(from (Anna Troberg on twitter.)

SvD, DN, AB, sydSv. IDG, BBC News, Reuters, AsiaOne, Sky news, Guardian.
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Postat av: larserick

Tja, jag har huvudvärk.

Får man hoppas att detta är en Phyrrusseger för upphovsrättsmaffian o deras hantlangare?

2009-04-17 @ 12:26:12
Postat av: Mikael B

Här finns den fanfarspelande PP tickern ifall du inte visste det:

2009-04-17 @ 23:17:53

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