Day 3 of the Global boycott on the media-industry. 602 ppl (on facebook) and 35 bloggers, but where are the international blogs?

Three week Global media-boycott / 3 veckors global köpbojkott mot media-industrin  / drei vochen medien boycottieren / trois semaines de boycott des médias / três semanas de mídia boicote / tres semanas de boicot a los medios de comunicación

Photo: María Tobías (and Calandrella), CC-BY-SA 3.0,

As the third day is on us and the fourth almost has begun we have doubled the number of participants on the facebook-group and 11 more bloggers have given their support to this boycott.

It is still a fast growing movement, but its only 5 more days to the boycott starts and id really like to see more non-swedish blogs coming to our aid.

But for a thing that started as an idea only 5 days ago its bigger than most other boycotts.
Just 3-4 years ago, a boycott took months to plann and years to implement.
Now its just a matter of weeks, and in this case, only a matter of days.

Im proud of what we all have managed to accomplice this far, but its a long way to go.

so please, join in on the facebook-group "3 week global media-boycott"

Link to this or to any of the listed blogs, write about it and mail your friends.

The items on the boycott-list are:

* No purchases of CD's.

* No purchases of films.

* No purchases of computer games.

* No visits to movie theaters.

* No movie rentals.

The boycott starts February 9th, 2009 and ends March 1st, 2009

Bloggers that support this boycott are.

Svensk Myndighetskontroll (founder)

Scaber Nestor

Jens Odsvall

Farmor Gun i Norrtälje


Olofs Blogg.

Mina Moderata Karameller


Argast Nu


Thomas Hartman

Scratches and Dust

Zac's åsikter


Ett otygs funderingar och betraktelser

Anna Troberg

Henrik Alexandersson

Jörgen Boström

Lars-Erick's Blogg


Alla dessa åsikter

Anders Widén

Erik Hultin.

El Rubio


Sanna: Mina ord

A. Mikael Eriksson

Bitches, Bruises, Booze & Blackouts.

Christian Engström (pp)

Törnebohms Hotspot.


Sagor från livbåten

Tango för enbenta

Sultans Blogg

Margareth Osju


Mikeees Songs

Pinged at Twingly, Intressant and a few international blog-pings for maximum spread.

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Postat av: Jens O

Don't know where they are, but what do you say about trying Groklaw?

2009-02-04 @ 17:43:14
Postat av: scaber nestor

will mail when i find the time, cant you help me contact them?

2009-02-04 @ 18:08:08
Postat av: Jens O

What I know, is that you create an acount and post the story. Kontakting PJ [email protected].

Another allternative is an artikel at whith the bloggers willing to signing.

2009-02-04 @ 19:18:52
Postat av: Calandrella

Du uppfyller inte licensvillkoren till den fria bilden nu. Jag tycker att du bör följa dem eftersom de är ganska enkla att följa (attribution+länk till licenswebbsidan).

2009-02-04 @ 20:45:38

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