Monday to Friday, the boycott is growing.

Well, a few new bloggers and 350 more participants since my last report which i find pleasing but not really satisfying, like a bad blowjob sorta.

As the Pirate Bay trial starts on monday we have this weekend to make a mark in the newsmedia, although we have been noticed twice i believe we have enough on our hands to get more press to write about it.

But for this to happen a need  to ask you some favours.

  •  Write about it, its really nice of you wrote about it once, telling us you support it. But once more wouldn't hurt would it, especially now during the weekends?
  • Do you have friends or relatives outside of Sweden that runs a blog? Great, can you ask them to start their own blogg-chain of bloggers that support this?
  • Write to the newspapers "letter to the editor"-pages where you shout out your support to this boycott
Here are a few of the email-addresses to the swedish press.
Heres a shitload of email-addresses to the US combined with a few of the bigger newspapers worldwide.

Margareth Osju has made this to support the boycott:

The items on the boycott-list are:

  • No purchases of CD's.
  • No purchases of films.
  • No purchases of computer games.
  • No visits to movie theaters.
  • No movie rentals.

The boycott started February 9th, 2009 and ends March 1st, 2009

Here are the bloggers that support this event so far (that i have found) and their latest inputs on the subject.

Svensk Myndighetskontroll (founder), Scaber Nestor, Jens Odsvall, Farmor Gun i Norrtälje, Sidvind, Olofs Blogg, Mina Moderata Karameller, Calandrella, Argast Nu, Satmaran, Thomas Hartman, Scratches and Dust, Zac's åsikter, XORbot, Ett otygs funderingar och betraktelser, Anna Troberg, Henrik Alexandersson, Jörgen Boström, Lars-Erick's Blogg, Updiggers, Alla dessa åsikter, Anders Widén, Erik Hultin, El Rubio, Anohito, Sanna: Mina ord, A.Mikael Eriksson, Bitches, Bruises, Booze & Blackouts., Christian Engström (pp, Törnebohms Hotspot., Kattkorgen, Sagor från livbåten, Tango för enbenta, Sultans Blogg, Kulturbloggen, Margareth Osju, Eyesx, Mikeees Songs, Hampus Algotsson, Hellre upplyst än nedsläckt , Out Off Line, Silvertörne, Nuttes Funderingar, Promenader och Utflykter, Udda Bitar, Ninablogg, Tempus Fugit, Annarkia, Elftown, Zebrastyle, Tankefel och Dylikt, Isak Gerson, Jan Sjöholm, Hjalmar den Onde, Andreas Viklund, Arvid Österlund, JMB, Pastor Bentonit, Dexion, a system apart, Aspiebloggen,

Pinged at Twingly, Intressant and a few international blog-pings for maximum spread.

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Postat av: ST

Sorry to be the one who squander this ludicrous idea of a boycott on entertainment products. But a boycott only tends to be effective if the majority of the customers abstain themself from buying, or if enough customers, who abstains from buying, is enough to make a negative economic impact on a company's revenue stream. Usually this abstaining from buying is 'cause people have "deals" with the product or service itself.

This's'nt the case for entertainment. People love the product and/or service.

Enough people will be pleased to note that there's seats availble in the theater for an upcoming, perhaps much awaited, reel, that they'll buy a ticket.

Enough people love the products of DVD and Blu-Ray, that they'll be happy to get their hands on 'em, sooner rather then later. This goes for rentals as well.

Unless there's a much awaited game released, during these weeks, (in which case the number of sales will sore, anyway, 'cause o'the simple logic that there're always more customers than actual units shipped,) most people actually will keep to their old trusted buying habits.

But like I said, sorry to boot you down to the Earth's crust, so to speak. ;-)

2009-02-13 @ 22:37:39
Postat av: scaber nestor

You are not the first, and you wont be the last.

And your logic that says that there will always be a bigger demand on these products then the supply, fails.

"Always" is a statement only stated by fools.

2009-02-13 @ 23:24:47

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