Tomorrow is the last day of the boycott, a big thanks to all the participants.

Yes, this is the final days of the 3-week long boycott on the media-industry.

Who would have known that an idea formed at Michael Gajditzas blog would evolve into this :)
It has been a good event, not as big as i'd hoped, but still its a start.

Next project?
I dont know, if you read this and wonders "what's next then?", then you have the wrong idea, the thing isnt what anyone else can do.
It is what You can do.

If you have an idea about something to do, then write about it, maybe someone will read it and make it happen.
Or maybe you make it happen yourself.

The blogosphere is a fantastic well of knowledge and information.
All can be a part of it, on their own terms.

These were the participating bloggers in this event.
A big thank you.

Svensk Myndighetskontroll (founder), Scaber Nestor, Jens Odsvall, Farmor Gun i Norrtälje, Sidvind, Olofs Blogg, Mina Moderata Karameller, Calandrella, Argast Nu, Satmaran, Thomas Hartman, Scratches and Dust, Zac's åsikter, XORbot, Ett otygs funderingar och betraktelser, Anna Troberg, Henrik Alexandersson, Jörgen Boström, Lars-Erick's Blogg, Updiggers, Alla dessa åsikter, Anders Widén, Erik Hultin, El Rubio, Anohito, Sanna: Mina ord, A.Mikael Eriksson, Bitches, Bruises, Booze & Blackouts., Christian Engström (pp, Törnebohms Hotspot., Kattkorgen, Sagor från livbåten, Tango för enbenta, Sultans Blogg, Kulturbloggen, Margareth Osju, Eyesx, Mikeees Songs, Hampus Algotsson, Hellre upplyst än nedsläckt , Out Off Line, Silvertörne, Nuttes Funderingar, Promenader och Utflykter, Udda Bitar, Ninablogg, Tempus Fugit, Annarkia, Elftown, Zebrastyle, Tankefel och Dylikt, Isak Gerson, Jan Sjöholm, Hjalmar den Onde, Andreas Viklund, Arvid Österlund, JMB, Pastor Bentonit, Dexion, a system apart, Aspiebloggen, G-Svampen, feldelning.

A big thank you to Calandrella for the picture submitted to the event.

Photo: María Tobías (and Calandrella), CC-BY-SA 3.0,

Thank you Margareth Osju for this great artistic creation made to support the boycott.

Thank you all participants on the facebook-event.

Thank to the newsmedia who wrote about the boycott.
Aftonbladet Debatt.

Nyheter 24
- De bojkottar skiv- och filmindustrin - I dag inleds en tre veckors global köpbojkott mot medieindustrin.

And also a (bit smaller) thank you to SvD-Ledarblogg, even if you got it all wrong, you atleast brought it up to discussion.

Three week Global media-boycott / 3 veckors global köpbojkott mot media-industrin  / drei vochen medien boycottieren / trois semaines de boycott des médias / três semanas de mídia boicote / tres semanas de boicot a los medios de comunicación

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