Internet Access is a human right - says The Council of Europe.

From IP-watch.

What applies offline is also valid online - an argument often used against internet communication by legislators - has been turned around to underline fundamental rights on the internet in a new resolution of the Council of Europe.
Barriers to internet access do not only limit citizens’ ability to shop online. With more and more media and political content migrating online such barriers limit citizens’ fundamental rights, they said.
Surveillance of journalists and the broad retention of personal data by the European data retention directive also is mentioned sceptically. In the resolution on “a new notion of media“ ministers agree “to explore whether and to what extent data retention, the processing of personal data and profiling techniques or practices challenge unrestricted participation and people’s rights to freedom of expression and information and other fundamental rights. Appropriate guidance should be provided to protect users’ rights.

Damn this is great news :)

Here's the pressrelease from may 29'th
. (scroll down)

Here's the full text

I vote for may 29th to be a holiday :)

I'll celebrate it today, who's up for a few drinks?

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Postat av: eric

jag vil så jäna jöra en från eric

2009-06-09 @ 17:35:54
Postat av: Rude Sandelius

otroligt intressant och jag håller med dig om den 29:e :)

Jag dricker whiskey

2009-06-09 @ 17:36:54

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