The Twitter Revolution (Iran Rigged Election), 23.00 - 0400 CET

From Twitter.

This was the first twitter i saw when logging on after my nephews birthday.
I will try to keep you updated as long as i can stay awake. (update, which were appr. between 23.00 aand 04.00 CET)

(Last message at the bottom of the page.)
Petition: Iranian elections were rigged.

mockzalladRT @sjumilakliv RT @mattbologna: Want to show solidary with #Iranian youth? Wear Green! PLEASE RT #IranElection #tehran #mousavi

sjumilaklivFoton + Youtubefilmer från de Iranska protesterna:

StopAhmadiThe mobile network is now working again! #iranelection #NewIran

StopAhmadiRT @y_shar: I've just confirmed that IR-TCI mobile networks are back! We have mobile connections again! #IranElection

StopAhmadiRetweet; Check out this blog fr inside Iran #iranelection #newIran

StopAhmadiCell phone calls work - SMS doesn't work #iranelection #NewIran

StopAhmadiCrazy how the regime just can switch on and off the cell phone network. Democracy and freedom, where r u? #iranelection

StopAhmadiNew videos up from #Tehran @ #iranelection #newIran

StopAhmadiRT @y_shar: Niavaran is packing w police and they've closed gas stations-dropping tear gas in Saadatabad #IranElection

mymlanRT @bklynfarmhouse: Really understanding the power of twitter - following the #iranelection

sjumilaklivNy (?) Youtubevideo från Iran:

StopAhmadiRT @neysan: Hoping there will be a protest at the Iranian embassy in Berlin #iranelection #NewIran

mymlanRT @erikrijpstra: RT @mattbologna: Want to show solidary with #Iranian youth? Wear Green! #IranElection #NewIran

ahrumanMeanwhile, among people with real problems: (Iran)

deeped"Revolutionary Road...: Iran:Riot in tehran streets after election day"Death to the dictator!"" //it's happening #iran

sjumilaklivRT @klavars: Mousavi, Khatami under house arrest. Parts of Tehran in the dark, no cell phone, no power, on Internet. #iranelection #newiran

StopAhmadiRT @mousavi1388: #IranElection BBC journalist John Simpson reported riots in Tehran, Rasht, Babol, Mashhad and Shiraz.

janjohannessonVi måste hjälpa tiill här, gör follow på @StopAhmadi @mousavi138 (fyll på) #svpt #newiran #iranelection

StopAhmadiConfirmed! RT @parastoo: heard from the balcony (Niavaran). ppl are screaming and shouting: 1:50am. #IranElection

sjumilaklivRT @studentactivism: Protests planned for Iranian embassies and consulates worldwide tomorrow. #iranelection #NewIran

StopAhmadiSome of the arrested ppl in Iran #iranelection

StopAhmadiThese ppl are Mousavi supporters that got arrested #iranelection #newiran

sjumilaklivNågon som känner sig manad att organisera en demonstration utanför Iranska ambassaden Sön/Mån? #svpt #NewIran #Iranelection

janjohannessonRT @parastoo: i did not expect to be a witness to a real coup d'etat in my life. #iran am afraid of what is happening here. :(

janjohannessonRT @parastoo: slow internet connection. hardly could open any pages. DAMN!

StopAhmadiRT @mohamadreza: it is 2 AM in Tehran, seems mobile network is working but no GPRS #iranelection

janjohannessonRT @parastoo: arrested: Mr.Mirdamadi, Ms.Mojaradi, Mr.Shari'ati, Ms.Aghajari, Mr.Tajzadeh, Mr.Ramezanzadeh, Mr.Zeydabadi, Mr.Alijani, Mr.Nab

janjohannessonRT @mousavi1388: #IranElection Latest YouTube vid. from Shiraz (attack on Shiraz Univesity):

mymlanBloggvärldsbloggen: #iranelection - här och nu: Iran skakas just nu av våldsamma kravaller i.. Visa ditt stöd till Iran

StopAhmadiRiot police beaten down earlier today (picture) #iranelection #newiran

StopAhmadiRT @mahdi: Police arrested some people in Ekbatan, Phase 2. #IranElection

StopAhmadiRT @mohamadreza: everybody's out in the streets, no violence in Niavaran, in Qeytarieh police is attacking people #iranelection

janjohannessonRT @mymlan: Bloggvärldsbloggen: #iranelection - här och nu: Iran skakas just nu av våldsamma kravaller i..

janjohannessonRT @mohamadreza: both candidates karubi & musavi have warned before the election that people are aware if the gov. cheat. #iranelection

deepedRevolutionary Road...: Iran:Riot in tehran streets after election day"Death to the dictator!"

StopAhmadiRT @mahdi: Karafarin Bank at Amirabaad Avenue is burned in fire. #IranElection

mockzalladCNN visar baseball,BBC world news visar Bill Gates,Sky News visar väder, Al Jazeera English visar väder. På #iranelection följer jag världen

janjohannessonRT @mahdi: AP: US rejects victory claim by Iran's Ahmadinejad #IranElection

janjohannessonRT @mahdi: Entekhab News reported that Karroubi, Karbaschi and Moussavi are under home arrest.

sjumilaklivChannel 4 News rapporterar direkt från Teheran:

StopAhmadiNew pics up: Shiraz riot police

StopAhmadiNew pictures from tonight: #iranelection #NewIran

sjumilaklivSenaste filmerna jag hittat från #Iranelection: &

janjohannessonRT @mousavi1388: Latest photos from Iran tonight: #IranElection

StopAhmadi#NewIran is on its way! RT @JSabs: Really think the NYT should take down its Ahmadinejad Re-Elected
headline. #iranelection

deepedRT @sliceonline: RT @iran09: RT: @mahdi: AP: US rejects victory claim by Iran's Ahmadinejad

StopAhmadiNew short-video from Tehran (youtube) #iranelection

janjohannessonRT @mohamadreza: It is not officially approved by any of candidates but its spreading: Tuesday national strike in Iran. #iranelection

ahruman"US rejects victory claim by Iran's Ahmadinejad"

StopAhmadiMousavi's letter in English #iranelection #newiran

StopAhmadiNight video from Shiraz (youtube) #iranelection #newiran

janjohannessonRT @mahdi: #IranElection is becoming the top trending topic on Twitter. Please help us spread the word.

StopAhmadiRT @y_shar: More pictures from the day after the #IranElection

janjohannessonRT @mohamadreza: Mohsen Mirdamadi,Saeed ShariAti,Abdollah RamezanZadeh,Zohreh Aghajari & Behzad Nabavi are arrested. #iranelection

StopAhmadiRT @mohamadreza: It's not officially approved...but its spreading: Tuesday national strike in Iran #iranelection #newiran

scabernestorRT @valtch RT @annikanc undrar hur världen ser ut när dagen gryr. Bevittnar vi inledningen på den twittrade revolutionen? #iranelection

StopAhmadiI am hitting 11hrs live coverage. They say night is young 'n anything can happen overnight. #iranelection

scabernestorRT @sjumilakliv RT @IranRiggedElect: Foreign reporters are told to leave Iran. The government is not going to renew the visas.

StopAhmadiPpl, pray for us when u go to church tomorrow/today. #iranelection

New photos from Teheran #NewIran #IranElection

Riots in iran imminent:

Rapports senaste inslag om valet i Iran #iranelection #newiran

Night video from Mashad (youtube) #iranelection #newiran

Riots already exist in Iran:

Anyone heard from journalist Thomas Erdbrink in Tehran? Posted eyewitness to killing 7 hours ago then nothing. via @oxfordgirl #iranelection

RT @parastoo: Karrubi, Mousavi, Karbaschi under house arrest:

It's a little bit over 3 a.m and ppl are still screaming and shouting in Tehran #iranelection #newiran

Rumours say ppl have taken over @Tajrish Sq. police station. waiting for confirmation #iranelection

RT @mohamadreza: Wikipedia listed 13 June of Iran in its Coup d'état page! #iranelection

Collection of pics from earlier today #newiran #iranelection

Thanks everybody for following. Power of keep me going, hitting 12hrs nonstop coverage #iranelection

Thanks! RT @mheat323: @StopAhmadi #iranelection #newiran

RT @StopAhmadi: I'll be back in 15 mins. Keep the tweets coming and RT this #iranelection

RT @IranNewsNow What's wrong with the international news channels? They are barely covering what's happening in Iran!

FINALLY CNN shows protests in Iran. This should be the MAIN focus of the news today.

RT @janjohannesson RT @iran09: iran101 is a blog full of videos and photos #iranelection

@IranNewsNow RT @cnnbrk PAY ATTENTION TO IRAN. This is very serious. Stop wasting your airtime on BS and keep your eye on the FRAUD in Iran!

#IranElection on #NewIran

StopAhmadiTIME photo stream #iranelection #newiran

janjohannessonRT @IranRiggedElect: Another police station in Tehran is taken over by people. Telecommunication building in Amirabad (tehran) is on fire.

IranNewsNowAnother Iranian election protest video:

mymlanRT @dvasconcelos: RT @ladu RT @catawu RT @iran09: Massive arrests are the sign of a coup! Help us to a REVOLUTION! #iranelection #newiran

StopAhmadiThe telecommunication building in Amirabad, Tehran is on fire! #iranelection #newiran

StopAhmadiIf u have an Iranian Embassy nearby, gather some ppl and protest, let the Iranian regime go down! #iranelection

StopAhmadiThank u world! RT @mohamadreza: Thanks to everybody in twitter for not just following me, for following whats going on in Iran.

iran09TR @iranbaan: Tabriz is on the control of police, many have arrested! #iranelection

mymlanRT @StopAhmadi: If u have an Iranian Embassy nearby, gather some ppl and protest, let the Iranian regime go down! #iranelection

iran09More arrests! RT: @iranbaan: عماد بهاور و احمد افجه ای از اعضای نهضت آزادی ایران بازداشت شدند.

StopAhmadiRT @Gita: have heard of attacks to Esfehan University of Technology, they've arrested a lot of students #iranelection

StopAhmadiRT @Gita: intense fights between students and police in Tehran University dormitory & nearby streets #iranelection

IranRiggedElectPictures from Iran: The real election

StopAhmadiRT @bigrooster: @StopAhmadi Already made a call in Dutch to gather @ the Iranian Embassy in The Netherlands (this week)

mymlanRT @lintably: RT @ShoeGal007: The telecommunication building in Amirabad, Tehran is on fire! #iranelection #newiran (via @StopAhmadi)

StopAhmadi"Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery." #NewIran

berinderFöljer #iranelection på Twitter, kollar in på som toppar med "Underkända får förlängd skolplikt"... SKÄMS!

scabernestorRT @iran09: When I wake up tomorrow, there might not be a internet connection at all. Hope for the best. Good night world! #iranelection

mousavi1388Dear Iranian People, Mousavi has not left you alone, he has been put under house arrest by Ministry of Intelligence #IranElection

scabernestorRT @sistrbride The one chance we might have to actually let the PEOPLE of Iran know that we support them. #iranelection #NewIran

StopAhmadiRT @emperorsclothes: Protests planned in London Monday 15th outside IR embassy 16 Princes Gate, SW7 1PT #iranelection

scabernestor@BildReport #iranelection Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi on conferences in Paris,

mymlanOch så hände det sig att man plötsligt kände sig som en världsmedborgare på riktigt. Och det hände på Twitter, av alla ställen.

StopAhmadiNight video from #iranelection protest (youtube) #iranelection

IranRiggedElectTwo high ranked clerics (Sane'i and Sobhani) are protesting against the fraudulent election. Sane'i has taken sanctuary in Imam's shrine.

IranRiggedElectto everyone following: there are very limited sources of information available left in Iran, but these are reported by eye-witnesses.

janjohannessonRT @mohamadreza: gr8 news 4:18 AM: Mehdi Karrubi 1 of R reformist candidates was among protesters in ValiAsr Sq. just hrs ago #iranelection

StopAhmadiPlz, let us know what media is saying in your countries. All @'s directly to me should be in CAPS #iranelection

janjohannessonRT @IranNewsNow: PASS THIS ON: After a Disputed Election, Tehran's Streets Become a Battleground #svpt #iranelection

StopAhmadiPlz, let us know what media is saying in your countries. All @'s directly to me should be in CAPS #iranelection

StopAhmadiUK NEWS REPORTS ON #IranElection AND

janjohannesson@StopAhmadi SWEDEN National Swedish TV #iranelection

scabernestor@StopAhmadi DEUTCHLAND

scabernestor@StopAhmadi NORWAY

scabernestor@StopAhmadi GREAT BRITAIN #iranelection

scabernestor@StopAhmadi CANADA #iranelection

ChangeThruInfo: Social media buzzing after the #iranelection - a short overview


StopAhmadido u agree?: "The failure to cover events in Iran are hands-down the biggest failure of US television media" #iranelection

mymlanRT @Neoavatara: The first Twitter Revolution? #IranElection followed primarily on twitter in Tehran...

IranRiggedElectThe building of ministry of industry and mining is on fire in Tehran (Sa'adat aabaad)

rabbott64RT @oxfordgirl BBC are talking to Mrs Mousavi, but no word from him. I think she would say if he is arrested. #iranelections #iranelection

Nina_EkmanPlease retweet: just signed petition 'Iranian Elections were rigged' -

rabbott64RT @AndrewFynn RT @Winston80: Just in: Explosions heard in and around university of Tehran's campus. Vehicles on fire #Iranelection

rabbott64RT @faramarzhashemi Police retreat from protesters in Tehran

rabbott64RT @mstinalee MSNBC video report: #iranelection

StopAhmadiLatest reports 20 mins ago said there are stil ppl and students on the streets, time is almost 5 am. #iranelection

IranNewsNowVideos of protests in Iran: Iranians demanding their rights #iranelection

StopAhmadiI am overwhelmed by all the @'s and RT's. You guys rock! As the morning comes I hope to get more reports. #iranelection

StopAhmadiI can just guess that many places in Tehran and other cities are on fire. People have had enough of this regime.

IranNewsNowObviously whatever Khamenei is thinking, he didn't expect the level of protest that he now has on his hands. You reap what you sow.

StopAhmadiRT @Rachel405: @StopAhmadi Photos from NPR #iranelection

rabbott64RT @faramarzhashemi RT @tehranelection: It is 4:00 am here and people are filling the street. #iranelection

rabbott64RT @oxfordgirl people in Iran getting round twitter block and having no trouble phoning UK #iranelection #iranelections Tehran

scabernestor@StopAhmadi HUFFINGTON POST

rabbott64RT @tehranelection My brother just got home and he told me riots are starting in northeast Tehran.

rabbott64RT @faramarzhashemi Rival 'won't surrender' despite Ahmadinejad victory in Iran presidential vote #iranelection

IranRiggedElectMore photos from Iran

IranNewsNowMullahs: The countdown to your end has begun. Whatever the immediate outcome of your acts, your days are numbered. U brought this 2 urself.

Iranelection88Our statement is ready-- RCMP has been informed. CBC and CTV will be broadcasting the event.

StopAhmadiAS NIGHT FALLS, TEHRAN STILL ABLAZE (GlobalPost) #iranelection -thanks @rachel405

scabernestorRT @IranNewsNow Mullahs: The countdown to your end has begun. Whatever the immediate outcome of your acts, your days are numbered

scabernestorRT @mymlan RT @bethanyshondark: Why did #iranelection just disappear from trending topics on twitter? It was #2 a minute ago.

StopAhmadiRT @tehranelection: sirens are now sure what they are. #iranelection #newiran

rabbott64"Iran Violence (VIDEO): Protests Erupt, Riot Police Launch Crackdown"

IranNewsNowRT @smileofcrash Nobody's seen such a crowd of angry protestors since the 1979 Revolution in the streets!

rabbott64RT @oxfordgirl Mousavi has body guards and large entourage, he could not be arrested without a battle and news spreading fast. #iranelection

rabbott64RT @StopAhmadi YEAH! RT @IranRiggedElect More photos from Iran #iranelection

tehranelectionThe government has turned the power off in many locations claiming we need to fix some grid ??? Yeah, right!

myfreedomfirst: BBC has Iran protests as top story. #IranElection

StopAhmadiOK ppl I have been covering for 13hrs straight and gotta get some sleep. Will keep u informed in a couple of hours.

scabernestor@StopAhmadi nn, sleep well, may you wake up to a new and brighter future.

IranNewsNowRT @iranelection My uncle tells me that throughtout most cities Mahmoud Ahmadinejad people had ballot boxes burned.

scabernestorWTF happened? RT @tehranelection Holly shit, be back in a second.

michellelaneRT @PoGoose: RT @saratehrani: ALL ELECTRICITY CUT OFF IN TEHRAN!!! #iranelection

rabbott64RT @iranriot BBC websites also appear to have been blocked by the Iranian authorities. #Iran #Iranian #Tehran #iranriot

mideastyouthRT @pmoallemian Doesnt Al-Jazeera have reporters in Tehran? Why are they so quiet on an whole night of riots, fire & deaths? #IranElection

rabbott64RT @faramarzhashemi Riots in streets of Tehran.. new photos #iranelection

rabbott64RT @TwitPersia No internet, no phone, no electricity in Tehran! #iran #iranelection

tehranelectionI have to shut down for a bit, the police are looking for satellites.

TwitPersiapolice ready in Iran to beat up anyone they see protesting! this is how Ahmadinejad starts his first day as an unelected president!#iranian

@oxfordgirl Police preparing for a massive attack on opposition groups in the morning. #iranelection

IranNewsNowA statistical analysis showing iran election was a fraud:

IranNewsNowRT @rabbott64 RT @oxfordgirl Police out looking for sattelite dishes to shut down bloggers and tweeters. #iranelection

rabbott64RT @oxfordgirl Be careful everone, most people are genuine, but we don't know who is asking us 'who told you that' protect sources please

rabbott64RT @tzemingdynasty RT:@lotfan Bill Keller, NYTimes director in Tehran confirms Mousavi's house arrest. #iranelection

sistrbrideRT @thedailybeast As evidence mounts that Ahmadenijad stole Iran's election #IranElection

scabernestorRT @mideastyouth RT @Dirk2112: Next time you hear Mainstream Media complaining about declining revenues, remind them of today #iranelection

ryannewyorkRT: @HuffPolitics US networks have little coverage of #iranelections compared to int'l stations - numbers to prove it:

To be continued

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Revolution 2.0

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This may result in the Nobel Peace Prize for Twitter.

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