Why does the European Council keep wasting our time and money? (telecoms package)

In a short while, the third reading of the telecoms package starts and boiling it down, it all starts and ends with a few short words.

Net Neutrality against the Copyright-Industry and the EU-Council

One part of Net Neutrality can be defined with "Mere Conduit" or in plain English "Dont shoot the messenger".
You dont shoot the mailman for bringing you bills do you?
Or Ford cant be charged for aiding in bankrobbery just because the robbers drove a Ford Focus, right.

Another part is about rule of law and human rights.
The principle "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law" is being tampered with when the council persists in trying to ban people from the web.

Now, this has the parliament tried to tell the Council three times now that they wont accept.
But still we have another reading about the subject.

As a person with clear insight in the third reading said to me.

Can the Council please explain exactly why it wants to start a third reading?
If it cannot explain what is the problem with 138, then Conciliation cannot solve it.
And further, MEPs cannot know the solution is to be found in Trautmann.

From this follows that the Council and Commission is putting the whole package at risk by putting their trust in "fear of administative failure" instead of in "merit of the policy argument".That's a weak position with a new ambitious Parliament.

In Sweden, all we have is the blogged words of Henrik Hansson, Political Adviser to Åsa Thorstensson - Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, that the "amendment 138" is against the Swedish constitution.
Which is, putting it nicely, bullsh*t.

The parliament said no to allowing the ban people from internet without a proper court hearing, they have said no to the attempt to bypass the "mere conduit"-principle over and over again.

Honestly, EU-council.
If you have any respect for the democratic vote.
Stop wasting our time and money.

Vote yes to the "amendment 138" and get on with it.

Read more about the FCC's propose about Net Neutrality at DNMR.se and Wikipedia for more facts.


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