The Lisbon Treaty - it aint over 'til the fat lady sings.

Got this in the mail that needs to be spread out to a bigger audience.

34,000+ signatures against Tony Blair as President of Europe; a title which DOES NOT HAVE A JOB DESCRIPTION! They feel a job description only limits, and each President can make the job his own. Please sign, share and promote.

New cause made today to Support Czech President Klaus in delaying the Lisbon Treaty.
and the petition for same

But most importantly, the Irish government ran a campaign that is actually illegal under Irish AND European Law!

"The part funding of the posters and press advertising of most
of Ireland’s Yes-side political parties by their sister parties in the
European Parliament, even though it is illegal under Irish law
to receive donations from sources outside the country in a referendum
and even though, under European law, money provided by the European
Parliament to cross-national political parties is supposed to be
confined to informational-type material and to avoid partisan advocacy"

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Postat av: Henrik Sultan

Sweet tack för länken till namninsamlingen... den ska skrivas under :)

2009-10-05 @ 09:37:21

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