Help the Irish voters say NO to the Lisbon-treaty, Help them since we were denied the choice.

Oct 2, Ireland votes again about the Lisbon Treaty.

Every government that (has had the balls to) allow its citizentz to vote for the EU-constitution, now called Lisbon-Treaty, has got a "no thanks, we prefer democracy" back.

But the political elites tries to worm itself out of it, first by renaming it, then not allowing the citizentz to vote for it, and the only people in EU that has to call for a vote, them they force to vot yet again, even after they clearly said No.

When the political Elites wrote this enormous piece of garbage they call a constitution, they had one thing in mind.


Cause the further away from the people, the fewer has the capability to stand up and say "hey, wait a minute, what the bloody fuck is this?" and actually be heard.

Hey, Ireland!
Did you know that they even break their own rules by first renaming it and then force you to vote again?

When it was called "constitution", they said it was enough for one country to vote no, and the whole constitution would fall.

Guess what, it didnt.

Now they claim you get to keep your commissioner....

If they can break that rule, what on gods earth will get them to keep these promises?

I call on the Irish voters.

Vote for Ireland.
Vote for all of us that was denied the choice.

Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty Oct 2.

Swedish Media:
DN, DN2, AB, SvD.

Swedish bloggers against the Lisbon Treaty:
AU, Christian Engström, MEP - Pirate Party, Hållplats Hådén, Nils Lundgren, Ryggraden, Karpstryparn II, HAX, Solidariskt Sverige, Hans Nilsson, Vänsterpolitik, Gunnar Andersson, Palena Inn, Tradition & Fason, 100% Antiism, Tankar i Gryningens ljus, Annarkia, Magnus Ahlkvist.

Irish bloggers:
The Red Rag, Barking Spider, Calling England, Daniel1979, Fausties, Muffled Vociferation, 10 drowning street, The Voice of the Resistance, Resistance, Lone Voice, Oh what now?, Dickiebo, Let fly the pigs of war, The Connolly column, Norton Folgate, Old Rightie, Oliver's blog, Gigits.

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Postat av: Väderkvarnen


"Blessed people of Ireland: Cast yer vote and ye shall be heard."

And the vote is cast. [The wrong way.]

"Blessed people of Ireland: Cast yer vote [the right way] and ye shall be heard."


Democracy. Gotta love it.

2009-09-13 @ 23:35:41
Postat av: coach outlet

great post. Thanks

2011-01-18 @ 09:59:31

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